A Frame is a single frame from a video on which Guru can perform inference. By default, it is passed into as a parameter into the process function of any Guru Schema.


   * Find objects of a specific type within the video.
   * @param {string or array of strings} objectTypes - The type of the object to find.
   *    Can either be a string, in which case objects of a single type will be found, or an array of strings, in which case multiple object types will be found.
   * @param {Object} attributes - The attributes of the object.
   * @param {boolean} keypoints - Flag indicating whether to include keypoints in the results. Defaults to true.
   * @return {List} A list of VideoObject instances matching the given criteria.
  async findObjects(objectTypes, { attributes = {}, keypoints = true } = {}) {


A FrameObject is a single object present within a particular frame or image.

 * A single object present within a particular frame or image.
export class FrameObject {

   * @param {string} objectId - The id of the object.
   * @param {string} objectType - The type of the object.
   * @param {number} timestamp - The timestamp of the frame.
   * @param {Box} boundary - The bounding box of the object, defining its location within the frame.
   * @param {Object.<string, Position>} keypoints - A map of the name of a keypoint, to its location within the frame.


   * Get the location of a keypoint for the object at this frame.
   * @param keypointName The name of the keypoint whose location will be fetched.
   * @returns {Position|undefined} The position of the keypoint, or undefined if unknown.
  keypointLocation(keypointName) {